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Manage Your Wealth for the Future through Private Credit

We help protect and grow wealth by providing simplified alternative income solutions.


Built for Yield

Yield Matters

Finding higher yield in collateralized short-duration investments that can provide protection relative to public market equity and fixed-income markets.

Built for Diversification

Lower Correlation

The Fixed Income / Private Credit universe is vast and varied, and each opportunity is unique in its attributes. As such, it represents an abundant source of diversification for investors seeking a less correlated, more secure income stream.   

Built for Access

Access Private Credit

There are a multitude of offerings available to investors in the private credit universe, but direct access is limited. Carefully examine your options that align with your objectives. Select opportunities managed by experienced professionals with the expertise to source, underwrite, and manage private credit investments.


  • Trade and specialty finance is a dedicated sector within the fixed-income universe.

  • Trade finance provides solutions to release working capital through selling receivables and supply chain financing.

  • The strategy finances growth for middle-market and lower-middle-market companies.

Public Credit
Private Credit
  • Government Debt

  • Agency Debt

  • Municipal Debt

  • Corporate


Senior Debt

Subordinated Debt

Credit Opportunities & Distressed Credit

Trade & Specialty Finance


  • Supply Chain Finance

  • Accounts Receivable Financing

  • Floor Plan Financing

  • ABL

Higher Yield
Lower Correlation
Low Duration
Top Reasons Why Investors Allocate to Trade Finance?

Top Reasons Why Investors Allocate to Trade Finance?

  • Seeking higher yields by investing in trade finance instruments.

  • Unlike more complex financial products, trade finance investments have a straightforward underlying structure that is tied to real-world trade transactions, which can make it easier for investors to evaluate the risks involved.

  • Trade finance investments are often collateralized and short tenorsecured by the underlying assets involved in the trade transaction. This collateralization can help reduce the risk of default and increase the likelihood of repayment.

Why Us?

Our process differentiation:

  • A disciplined and methodological approach across the investment life-cycle from deal origination to repayment.

  • Independent and multi-dimensional credit underwriting and selection 

  • Generate value through operational workflow management

  • Focus on building effective diversification with active engagement

Why Piton for private credit.


Helping you navigate the changing world of fixed-income.

How To Use Private Credit In Your Portfolio?

Add private credit for diversification, yield, and wealth preservation in a well-diversified portfolio.

The Financing Gap: Generating Yield While Helping SMEs Companies

Trade finance provides access to funding for working capital. Globally, about 40% of micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) do not have access to formal credit.

Consideration For Vetting Alternative Fixed Income Private Credit Managers?

  • Track record

  • Investment process

  • Risk management

  • Team experience

  • Investment structure and terms

  • Reputation and transparency

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